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cav061 – Celebrity’s Beach House in Bombaça, Maraú, Bahia, Brazil

Celeb Beach House 2 Quartos 3 Banheiros 10 Garagem 320/1585 Metros2

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Wonderful celebrity beach house, located 400 meters from the exclusive Bombaça beach, on a plot of 1,585.96m2.

From the solid foundation that elevates the entire house, to the abundant ceiling height, emerges a beautiful conversation between the volume of crossed and shiny frames with the lines of a unique roof, which seems to have come out of an origami in complete harmony with the surrounding nature.

In approximately 320 square meters of built area, only two private and independent suites have access to a generous gourmet area, large living room with toilet, kitchen, laundry, service area and external bathroom, all integrated by a deck walkway that overlooks be it the rising of the sun or the setting of the moon… an invitation to celebrate life in pure poetry.

The land still has significant construction potential, making expansion and/or the realization of another dream possible… if you want to be enchanted, come and visit!