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About Us

Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs, providing Real Estate consulting gifted of security and transparency,  focusing on sustainability and profitability for your operations.

Our everyday life comes down to closely monitor the local Real Estate market, communicate clearly the best business opportunities, constant updating of the macro and micro environmental changes and developing solutions for real estate business.

Holders of vast experience and great knowledge of the regions of the peninsula of Maraú and vicinity, accumulated over 11 years, we are able to provide the best possibility of investment, to manage Real Estate transactions and your property. 

This website belongs to the Real Estate agent:

Rodrigo Gomes de Magalhães – CRECI 15,713 BA;

Bachelor of Business Administration-University of Brasília (UnB);

Certificate in Marketing – California State University East Bay – Hayward CA USA;

Permacultural design certificate;

Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, French and Spanish.